October, 2011

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AR-15s… Does Brand Name Matter?


OK, this might piss off a few people.  Does it matter which brand of AR15 you buy?  The AR15 has become the most popular rifle in America and it seems like everyone, except King Barack and Hillary, wants one.  With so many brands out there, the natural question is “whichRead More…

Rules For a Gunfight


Rules For A  Gunfight  by Drill Instructor Joe B. Fricks, USMC 1.  Forget about knives, bats and fists. Bring a gun.  Preferably, bring at least two guns.  Bring all of your  friends who have guns.  Bring four times the ammunition  you think you could ever need. 2.  Anything worth shootingRead More…

Top 10 AR Scopes Under $750

Top 10 AR15 Scopes

As I’ve said before, the question we get the very most is, “What scope should I buy for my AR15″.  I decided to do a “Top 10″ list of AR15 scopes under $750.  I’m doing the list in terms of price, starting from lowest to highest.  I’m also trying to showRead More…

Carbine, Midlength, or Rifle… What’s the Difference?


Like I’ve said before, because there are so many different versions of AR-15 rifles out there, a lot of guys don’t really know what they have.  They know they have an “AR-15″ or an “M4″, but those are pretty generic terms these days.  One of the things I run intoRead More…

The Warrior Song!


You can buy this song online at http://www.thewarriorsong.com/home.html. Proceeds go to the Armed Forces Relief Trust. You can also purchase it on iTunes!  We salute the guys at the Warrior Project who put this together.  Great job guys!

AR-15 Nomenclature


I know a lot of you guys are new to the AR-15 so I thought the best way to start off this BLOG was to provide some standardized nomenclature.  Maybe it’s just the military still coming out in me.  I don’t know, but here we go… One of the biggestRead More…

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