October, 2015

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Rifle Barrel Length on Accuracy & Velocity


Many people have the false belief that longer rifle barrels are more accurate than shorter barrels.  This is simply not true.  Length has no affect on the inherent accuracy of the barrel. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel – or explain it – I’m just going to point youRead More…

The Cart Before the Horse – Putting Cheap Scopes on Expensive Rifles


  A few years ago I had a guy come to me saying he’d just bought a Barrett 50 caliber and needed a new scope for it.  I asked him what his budget was and he said, “About $125!” While that example (true story) might seem a little extreme, theRead More…

Best Long Range Rifles Under $1000


Time and time again I see people asking questions about low cost, long range rifles?  How can you get the most bang for your buck – literally?  In this post, I’ll try to answer that question and give you a look at rifles costing less than $1000 that you shouldRead More…

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