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In the Company of Heroes

I have this picture hanging in my house.  Saturday morning I was eating breakfast and glanced over at it.  The caption, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend” seemed to take on greater meaning.  I sat there and pondered at how privileged I have been to live my life in the company of men who embody those words.  It’s never said, but sometimes a glance or a look in their eyes conveys the values and ideals they live by.  I am privileged to live in the company of heroes.

The picture above is from artist Jason Bullard.  On his website,, it says, “America Breeds the World’s Finest Heroes”.  I agree.  Generations of American have been taught to give more than they take.  That’s why you’ll find American Military cemeteries around the world.  Even before JFK talked about not asking what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, a core belief of Americans was focused on giving rather than taking.

Today it’s not that way.  Too many Americans ask “What can the country give me?” and offer nothing in return.  Too many people want a free ride and it will eventually end our freedom and our way of life.  I was taught that my purpose in life was to serve others.  My parents taught me that by word, and more importantly, by deed.  I was raised to figure it out, solve my own problems, and make my own way.  That has always been the American Way.

People, until now, didn’t come to America for the free ride or to get a hand-out.  They simply came to make their own way and stand on their own two feet.  I count myself lucky to still live around those kinds of people.  It gives me hope in the future.  It gives me hope for my children.  I try to teach them, what previous generations tried to teach me… Give more than you take.  I’m trying to teach them to Live Free… Be Secure… and Have Peace of Mind.  That’s the Valhalla Way and I believe, it’s the American Way.

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