AR15s… and M&P-15s and M400s and …

I’ve written previously about AR15s and brand names, but it has since occurred to me that some people new to black rifles don’t realize they have an AR15.  Lately it seems that I get more and more questions like these; “Does the Magpul PMAG work in my M&P15?”  or “I have a Sig M400 and I can’t find any quad rails that will fit it.  They all say they are for AR15s.”  or “This scope says it’s for an AR15.  I have an M&P15, will it still work?” and on and on….

Now that Smith and Wesson and Sig Sauer have piled on the AR15 bandwagon, some people don’t understand they are still AR15s.  A Smith and Wesson M&P15 is an AR15.  A Sig M400 is an AR15.  Now some of you might want to get real technical here and point out that an AR15 is a Colt rifle with a 20 inch barrel, fixed stock, and is semi-auto only.  That might have been true 15 years ago, but not today.  The term AR15 and M4 are used so generically that’s it’s impossible to have them define one specific rifle.

My purpose here isn’t to make fun of anyone – it’s to provide education.  Here’s a few pictures to show what I’m talking about…




The three rifles shown above are commonly called AR15s or M4s.  For the most part, the same accessories will fit each one.  Can you determine the brand of any of them?  If I wasn’t the one writing this post and knowing what make and model each rifle is, I couldn’t distinguish them.  My point is this… an M&P15 is an AR15.  A M400 is an AR15.  Now a FN SCAR and Bushmaster ACR are not AR15s.  While they do use the same magazines and have a few other compatible features with ARs, they are entirely different rifles.  This is not the case when it comes to Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, CMMG, Rock River Arms, and all they others…. they are AR15s.

oh, and by the way, #1 is a Sig M400, #2 is a Smith and Wesson M&P15, and #3 is a Colt.  Just thought you might want to know.

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