Improving AR15 Accuracy & Performance

One of the great things about AR15 rifles is the ability to customize them.  Most of the modifications do little to improve the rifles performance.  Most AR15 Accessories cosmetic (makes them look cooler)!  Today I want to talk about practical modifications you can make to seriously improve your rifle’s accuracy and performance.


Lot’s of people ask about improving AR15 accuracy and I rarely see too many people talk about the trigger.  AR15s come with standard, military grade triggers which aren’t that great for accuracy.  Now, the trigger doesn’t really affect the accuracy of the rifle itself – it just makes it easier for YOU to shoot it more accurately.  That’s why I think a lot of folks overlook the trigger when talking about AR15 accuracy.  Upgrading the trigger doesn’t make the rifle shoot more accurately, but in my experience, installing a single stage, 3 pound (or less) trigger dramatically increases your ability to shoot the rifle more accurately.  And therefore your accuracy improves.  I really like the CMC AR15 triggers and use them in my own rifles.  I like them because they’re a complete module, install easily and work very well.  Choose large pins for Colt and small pins for all other AR15s.  You will not believe the difference.  I think it’s the most practical upgrade you can make to your AR15.  Beware… once you shoot an AR15 with a good trigger, you’ll never be satisfied with normal trigger again!

Free Floating Forearm

We’ve talked about Picatinny rails and forearms before, but here I’ll talk about them in the context of accuracy.  A free floating forearm attaches to the barrel nut of your AR15 and does not touch the barrel at all.  This improves the accuracy of your rifle by not exerting any external pressure along the barrel.  Unless you really know what you’re doing, and have the right tools, it’s best to have a gunsmith install your free floating forearm.  Free floating forearms tend to cost a little more than the standard versions, but if you’re trying to improve the accuracy of your rifle, they are well worth the extra money.

Fail Zero Bolt Carrier Kit

I first saw the Fail Zero Bolt Carrier Group at the Shot Show a couple years ago and couldn’t believe my eyes.  They had it installed in an AR15 and then had a regular AR15 right next to it so you could compare them side by side. The difference is nothing short of amazing!  The Fail Zero bolt carrier is so smooth.  It seems like its floating on precision ball bearings inside your upper receiver.  So what makes Fail Zero so special?  Fail Zero parts are coated using their proprietary EXO Technology that “creates a permanently lubricious surface” that never needs grease, oil, etc to make it slide easily.  Additionally, this coating never flakes or rubs off.  It enhances reliability and makes cleaning a lot easier.

So with all the modifications you can make to your rifle, here’s three easy steps to dramatically increasing the accuracy and performance of your AR15.


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