Just Shoot the Damn Bear!

As we approach Spring I start thinking of getting out into the mountains.  Of course the topic of bears comes up as well as that old joke about not needing to out run bears.  You know the one… “I don’t have to out run the bear, I just have to out run you“.   With more and more sissy boys, metrosexuals, and tree huggers venturing into the woods, that kind of thinking is bound to become the norm.

I never quite understood that one to tell you the truth.  I always figured I didn’t have to out run anybody cause I’d just shoot the damn bear!   It’s become common to run from danger rather than deal with it.   America was founded by a nation of warriors and has turned into a nation of wusses.

Real men don’t run from danger, they deal with it.  They confront problems and live by the code, “No one gets left behind”.  They don’t run away and leave others to get eaten by consequences.  But unfortunately real men are an endangered species and rarely encountered.


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