Rifle Barrel Length on Accuracy & Velocity

ar15 barrel

Many people have the false belief that longer rifle barrels are more accurate than shorter barrels.  This is simply not true.  Length has no affect on the inherent accuracy of the barrel.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel – or explain it – I’m just going to point you to the following study…

Josh Wayner’s taken it upon himself to challenge what everyone “knows” as far as barrel length, velocity and accuracy are concerned. According to his results, the conventional wisdom ain’t all that wise when it comes to longer-barreled ballistics….

Belief: a long barrel is required for accuracy when shooting at long distance.

Fact: In no part of our testing was barrel length a determining factor in accuracy. At a distance of 100-540 yards, there was no discernible difference in accuracy between various barrel lengths. This performance translated over to unknown distance shooting with all barrel lengths at ranges out to 900 yards. At no point in the testing was a short barrel a hindrance once marksmanship fundamentals were observed and proper flight data was applied…..

As I do not have permission to copy the entire article here, you can continue reading at, http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/10/daniel-zimmerman/the-truth-about-barrel-length-muzzle-velocity-and-accuracy/

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