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Tavor Rifles

Of the hundreds of a tactical rifles on the market today, I pick the IWI Tavor as the best self defense rifle.  I recently read an article saying that Tavor rifles were a solution to a problem that nobody cares about – meaning the only advantage they offer is being short and compact… and that’s not really a concern or issue.  I disagree.

If you take a look at the evolution of combat and/or self-defense rifles over the last 60 years the first thing you’ll notice is they are getting shorter. The M1 Garange of WW2 was 43.5 inches long. Then the M14 came along at 44.3 inches. The M16 was the result of a paradigm shift and measured 39.9 inches long. The M4 became the basic issue rifle around the turn of the century (2000) and used almost exclusively in Iraq and Afghanistan. The M4 is 33 inches long. But chopping the barrel from 20 inches (M16) down to 14.5 inches (M4) created a problem. Continually cutting down barrel length, to make the weapon shorter, reduces velocity of the rounds – and the slower moving rounds were not putting enemies down. That problem was reversed through new ammunition better suited to the shorter barrel, but the barrel chopping continued. Some military and law enforcement rifles are sporting 10.5 inch barrels in order to achieve optimal overall length for modern combat.

So I would say that having a short, compact, high power rifle is exactly what people want for life threatening, combat or self defense situations.  In fact, I’ll state the opposite of the article I mentioned above.  The Tavor is the solution to a problem that everyone is trying to solve – and it’s the best solution.

The American solution to a shorter, more compact assault rifle is to cut down barrel length.  Of course, this cuts down on velocity which cuts down on terminal ballistics and the overall effectiveness of the rifle.  Additionally, eventually you will run out of barrel to cut.  It’s just not an effective solution.

The bullpup design is the solution… but because it’s not American, it will have small success here in America.  But if you’re serious about owning the most effective self defense rifle, you should buy a Tavor.  You may not find a Tavor Rifle for sale at every gun shop in America.  And that’s ok.  They are not too hard to find, but you may have to search around a bit.

Tavor rifles are more reliable, and operate much cleaner, than AR15s because of their gas piston system.  It’s possible to find AR type rifles with gas piston systems, but you need to remember that those gas pistons were designed around the AR body style rather than having a gun designed around the gas piston.  Think of it as buying a car that has an engine designed around the body rather than a body designed around the engine.  The gas piston is what makes the gun work.  I’d rather have one that was designed to function perfectly and then had a gun built around it than a gas piston that was designed to fit the confines of the AR body style.  Not a huge deal, but something to think about.

The Tavor is only 26 inches long – which is perfect for home defense, room and building clearing, but features a 16 inch barrel so it’s just as effective at 300-400 yards.  It’s simple to operate and understand – which makes it the perfect choice for a home defense weapon.  Not everyone in my family is a “gun nut”.  While all of my family members shoot, not all do it enough to be highly proficient.  The Tavor is so simple to use, and intuitive, that it’s easy for anyone, with minimal training, to use effectively.

A number of Tavor accessories are available to fully “kit up” your Tavor for self defense.  Any scope you would pick for a self defense AR15 is a great choice for the Tavor.  The Trijicon MRO  or Meprolight M21 are my top picks for Tavor optics.

While the Tavor costs more than typical AR15 rifles, the benefits are well worth the cost.  A 26 inch long weapon, with a 16 inch barrel, is a huge advantage.  It’s much easier clearing rooms.  It fits in common size backpacks and duffle bags.  It’s lightweight – with most of the weight in the rear of the weapon – so easier to handle.

There is no other rifle on the market with the reliability, simplicity, and usability as the IWI Tavor.

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