Top 10 AR Scopes Under $750

Top 10 AR15 Scopes

As I’ve said before, the question we get the very most is, “What scope should I buy for my AR15″.  I decided to do a “Top 10″ list of AR15 scopes under $750.  I’m doing the list in terms of price, starting from lowest to highest.  I’m also trying to show the best scopes across the price range up to $750.  Like I say a lot, “Not everyone has $1200 to spend on a scope” so what are the best buys out there?  Above $750, anything you buy is going to be a great scope so you don’t really need to worry about it!   Also, this list is only for “scopes”, not holographic or red dot sights.  Comparing holographics like EOTech to magnifying scopes is apples and oranges…  two different applications.


Obviously a lot of things have changed since we originally published this post… And we realized it’s time for a serious update!

Top 10 AR Scopes Under $750

#1   3-9×42 Ultimate AR15 Scope

Too many people automatically assume that if you’re putting a scope on an AR15 that it must be a Trijicon or Leupold… or some combat grade scope.  But the reality is that 97% of the AR15’s sold in America are for recreational use. ….. and most people don’t have, or don’t want to spend, a thousand dollars or more on an AR15 scope.  So at the low price end of our list, we include the 3-9×42 Ultimate AR-15 Scope.  We’ve sold thousands of these scopes over the last 5-6 years they’ve been on the market and they are a great choice for target shooting, plinking and hunting.  This is the newer, Second Generation version and they improved some of the problems that they had with the earlier version.


It comes with everything you see here: 3-9×42 scope with mini red dot sight mounted on top.  The integrated quick release mount makes it easy to attach to your rifle.  You can pick up this scope for less than $200!

Now here’s the deal… you can’t get a totally awesome scope for less than $200 bucks… I don’t care who makes it.  But this is a really good scope.  There’s nothing out there that gives you the features and quality found in this little scope for the same price.

It features a 500 yard bullet drop compensator (calibrated for 55gr .223 bullet) to easily put you on target out to the maximum range of your AR15.  The thing I love most about this scope is the versatility.  It covers everything from 0-500 yards, which is what most shooters are looking for.  You want something for close-range speed yet, you want long range accuracy.  Here it is, Speed & Accuracy in One Scope!

Additionally, it has a Lifetime Warranty on it.

Buy Now: $129.99

#2. 1-4×24 Modular Warrior Package


When considering a scope for your AR15, flexibility is important to consider… and that’s what I really like about this 1-4×24 scope and mount package.  The scope features an illuminated, laser etched reticle with high resolution glass for better performance in low-light situations.

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The included quick release mounting system has integrated 30mm rings for the scope along with modular rails for mounting mini reflex sights or other accessories.  One rail is built on top of a 30mm ring cap and the other sits at a 45 degree offset.  The mount is designed for AR15 rifles and places the scope at the optimum height and eye relief.


Buy Now: $179.99


#3. 4×34 ECO MOD2 Scope

A 4×34 Scope and also features integrated Green Laser Sight along with Red/White LED Navigation Lights.  And on top of that, you also get built in Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) on top, with a Fiber Optic Front Sight.  That’s a lot of stuff packed into one compact scope, but what else could you ask for.  This scope does it all – and then some.

The fixed 4x scope features an illuminated, laser etched reticle for quick acquisition targeting under any conditions.  Also available in a Flat Dark Earth Finish, the illumination, laser, and light controls are placed on the left side of the unit.  The 4x scope and green laser sight are all independently adjustable for windage and elevation.  The 4x scope elevation knob is actually on the bottom of the scope, but can easily be adjusted with the scope mounted on your rifle.   At only 6.3 inches long, it fits (and looks) great on top of your AR15.

Buy Now: $189.99


#4. Burris MTAC 1-4×24

MTAC-1-4xThe Burris MTAC series offers a number of excellent AR-15 scopes.  Their 1-4x MTAC is very popular.

The CQ reticle can illuminate in Red or Green – but is still visible without illumination.  The cool thing about this reticle is that it’s calibrated to 5.56mm and 7.62mm – so it’s a great scope on your .308 or .223 – doesn’t matter.  It gives you aiming points out to 600 yards so you can easily take the math or guess work out of longer range shots.


Buy Now: $399.99


#5 Sightron S TAC 2-10×32 w/HHR2 Reticle

stac-2-10xThis Sightron 2-10x S TAC is an awesome scope for your AR.  2x still gives you the close-range, high speed targeting you want with your AR and then you can zoom all the way up to 10x for long range precision.  This is an excellent ‘multi-role’ AR15 scope.  Super clear optical glass, 30mm tube, and rugged enough to hold up to just about anything.  This Sightron is one of the smartest choices for your AR.

Check out the HHR2 Reticle and see why this is one of the BEST BUYS for your AR15




Buy Now: $359.99

#6. Burris 1-5×24 XTR II

I really liked Burris’ XTR line, but I’m even a bigger fan of the XTR II series…. Even Better Quality and More Magnification.  It seems like scope magnification has been pretty well set for the last decade.  And it’s radically changing ever year now.  We’re seeing wider and wider magnification ranges – and getting away from the need of putting a red dot on top.  We’re at the point now where one scope will just about do anything you need.

This XTR II ups the magnification to 5x and features Ballistic 5.56 reticle which is probably one of my favorites.  The reticle is a Horse-shoe dot with holdover points out to 1000 yards.  It’s very fast, very usable, but very clean at the same time.  The XTR’s have exceptional glass and you almost forget you’re even looking through a scope.  This XTR II is about $100 more than the Leupold VX-R Patrol, but I feel like it’s well worth it because of the true 1x capability and the extra magnification (5x).


 Buy Now:  $749.99 

Conclusion:I hope this gives you more insight into the murky topic of AR15 scopes.  It’s really hard, if not impossible, to define what is the BEST scope for the AR15.  There’s some great scopes out there for less than $200.  As I always say, you don’t have to spend $1200 to get a great scope.  If your life depends on a scope, $1200 is cheap!  But most people’s lives don’t depend on their tactical scope so I’ve tried to include other options as well.  Please comment and give your opinions of my list.  I’d like to get your feedback.

 You can also find information about top AR-15 scopes on Rifle Optics World

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